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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Welcome to FOURWORDS by TORIAL Media. Each issue, expect to see our take on fitness, wellness, and cultural topics. First up: the potential benefits of apnea training, lululemon for your feet, and more.

“Apnea training, periods of not breathing (think: an intentional version of sleep apnea), is my version of meditation. I was never able to just sit with my thoughts, but using the STAmina app gets me to stay still. I also like that my improvements are measurable, like training in the gym. I find it helps with my mood and clarity and it’s also a way to mimic holding my breath and swimming when I can’t actually do it regularly. Whether there are any health benefits to it is TBD as it’s primarily used by free divers, surfers, and the like. But it’ll be interesting to see if research starts to emerge to back up what I’ve experienced first-hand. Before you try it, make sure to talk to a doctor.”

-Mike Simone, TORIAL co-founder and creator of humanfitproject

“I notice my habits most when I’m on vacation. Really, any time I’m staying away from home, I realize how deeply ingrained simple behaviors have become. My hand will twitch toward where I expect a light switch to be when I walk into a room, for example, or I’ll reach for my face serum on a nonexistent bathroom shelf, because that’s where I find it. Day after day.

Wouldn’t it be great if impactful model behaviors like making sure to get those two runs in per week, staying optimally hydrated throughout the day, and sticking to daily journaling — were so automatic? So habitual that you couldn’t not do them?

TORIAL found out how to make this a reality in a four-part series on habit formation created in partnership with Athletic Greens. With the help of experts Sarah Sarkis, psychologist and certified executive and performance coach, and Art Markman, PhD, author of Smart Change: Five Tools to Create New and Sustainable Habits in Yourself and Others, we explored best practices for selecting, forming, and stacking micro-habits; dug into the science behind those automatic behaviors; and offered a slate of potential habits-in-the-making for those unsure where to begin. And, as always, our designer, Ji, wrapped it all up in a beautiful bow. Read more here.”

-Erin Warwood, TORIAL editor

“I got to test out lululemon’s first foray into footwear, a running shoe called the Blissfeel, at the launch event in New York City on March 8. My immediate reaction was that it felt like I was more naturally able to run on the balls of my feet (rather than heel strike), perhaps due to the super-stable heel cup which is also slightly off-center compared to a traditional men’s shoe. A rep from the brand told me women typically have a more narrow heel compared to their male counterparts. The whole shoe was designed with the female foot, specifically, in mind. FYI, they’ll follow up the running sneak with one for lifting, training, and even recovery, later this year — and men’s shoes will follow, too.”

-Caitlin Carlson, TORIAL co-founder

“Lately, I’ve been taking quite an interest in the VR space and the metaverse. Since COVID, I’ve seen a couple different exhibits out there that you can experience in 3D from your computer. And this year, I’m seeing galleries pop up in the VR space. For instance, I ran across an art fair called Art Gate where you can connect a VR device and enjoy exhibits in a virtual world. I think it’s really cool how some of these new tech spaces are already becoming relevant in art and culture.”

DISCLAIMER: This content is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It’s not intended as medical advice. Consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

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