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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Welcome back to FOURWORDS by TORIAL Media. Each issue, expect to see our take on fitness, wellness, and cultural topics. Next up: our thoughts on lululemon’s chargefeel hybrid workout shoes, flow state, and clear whey protein powder.

A word on…why pain can be good

There’s no better feeling than completing something incredibly hard, whether it’s a workout or a project. But, it’s a pain to be disciplined. It’s a pain to do boring, hard things day in and day out. It’s a pain to make sacrifices. And chasing those pains is what leads to greatness. That was the sentiment behind my latest collaboration with the Spartan Training Division and Craft Sportswear: an exclusive limited supply run of performance t-shirts inscripted with the words “Chase the Pain.” My hope is that it will inspire people who purchase and wear one to keep working hard and chasing their dreams. There are only a few left in supply. Get one here or make sure to follow @humanfitproject on Instagram—I’m holding a few hostage and I plan to give them away soon.

-Mike Simone, TORIAL co-founder and creator of humanfitproject

A word fromDeja Riley, lululemon ambassador, MIRROR trainer, boxer, and dancer

At a recent lululemon event in New York City for their latest footwear launch—chargefeel, a hybrid training shoe—trainer Deja Riley took a group of editors through a workout to put the shoes to the test. We caught up with Deja to find out how she gets charged up for any workout, and her thoughts on the chargefeel: “Before each workout, I make sure I am well nourished, dressed to feel my best, and have a pumping playlist to get me fired up,” she says. “What I love most about my lululemon chargefeel shoes is that I feel like I can truly do anything in them—from working out to dancing to running errands. They deliver on all fronts when it comes to support and style, which is important when you’re on the go as much as I am.”

Photo: lululemon

A word on…flow state

In a recent issue of Women’s Health magazine, I got to write about how to find flow state in your workouts. In the article, Patricia Jackman, PhD, a senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Lincoln in the UK, describes flow as a positive, rewarding psychological phenomenon associated with being totally absorbed in what you’re doing and feeling that you are performing effortlessly.

It can help you enjoy your workout—and make you more likely to exercise again. Sounds pretty great, right?

The best part: Everyone can achieve flow. While working on the article, I talked to experts to break down what you can do before, during, and after your workout to up your odds of tapping into the magical state. For example, make sure you choose a workout that’s just hard enough. If it’s too hard or too easy, you won’t find flow. Once you’re in it, experiment with distracting yourself by focusing on music in one workout. Then, in the next, hone in on your body’s sensations like your breathing. Since flow triggers are unique to everyone, you’ll have to do a little trial and error to find out what works best for you. Afterwards, jot down what you tried and whether or not it “worked.” That way, you’ll start to recognize flow-inducing patterns.

-Caitlin Carlson, TORIAL co-founder

A word on…clear whey protein powder

Lately, TORIAL has been teaming up with fitness pros and foodspring, a sports nutrition company, to create workout plans like this 12-week marathon training guide and a 21-day total-body challenge. Now, I’ve never been inclined to use protein powder, because I always figured I’d hate the taste (and assumed it would upset my stomach). But foodspring’s Clear Whey intrigued me—and it might just convert me. Recently, after a tough workout, I tried the lemonade-flavored powder mixed into about 400 milliliters of water (the rec is 300 milliliters, but again, I wasn’t sure how well I’d tolerate it). Contrary to what I expected, the drink wasn’t chalky or thick—it was like drinking actual, refreshing lemonade. It went down super smooth, quenched my thirst, and didn’t bother my stomach at all. Some quick stats: Clear Whey has 26 grams of protein, less than half a gram of fat, and 1.6 grams of carbs per serving. Moral of the story? For me, clear whey may be the way to go.

-Erin Warwood, TORIAL managing editor

DISCLAIMER: This content is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It’s not intended as medical advice. Consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

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