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Welcome back to FOURWORDS! For our first edition of 2023, we're taking a step backwards (pun intended) to introduce you to the people behind the words.

A word on… who we are

We’re Mike, Caitlin, and Erin, the small team of magazine-trained journalists behind TORIAL Media and humanfitproject.

Between us, we’ve:

  • Been published in Men’s Journal, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, SHAPE, Elle, Travel & Leisure, Cosmopolitan, Hemispheres, and more

  • Produced hundreds of workouts and training plans

  • Run 12 full marathons, including the six World Marathon Majors (and countless other events)

  • Tested hundreds of pairs of shoes

  • Scored access to major product releases, like TONAL and lululemon’s footwear line

  • Interviewed celebrities such as Kate Hudson and Kevin Hart

  • Built a decade-in-the-making network of industry experts

  • Earned three bachelor’s degrees, three master’s degrees, and one (soon to be two!) certified personal trainer certification

  • Reached over 300K people per month on social channels via humanfitproject.

A word on… what we do

At TORIAL, we create elevated fitness and wellness editorial and marketing content for global brands. Our team strategizes and executes everything from editorial calendars and expert advisory boards to brand campaigns, app content, and SEO articles. We also run humanfitproject, a digital magazine and social platform meant to inspire all humans to reach their greatest potential.

FOURWORDS is the intersection between TORIAL and HFP, a source of fitness and wellness content you need to know as well as an example of what we can do for businesses. Each month, you’ll get our access, our workouts, and our network of experts—right in your inbox.

A word on… why you should read FOURWORDS

With each edition, you’ll get real talk on fitness trends, gear and product recs from people who test it for a living, tips from your favorite wellness experts, and more. And, since the three of us live and breathe fitness and wellness, we know we’re the best team to deliver all of that. Need proof? Keep reading.

Meet Mike

I’m an entrepreneur, subject matter expert, and content strategist in the fitness, health, and wellness industry.

After starting a career at The New York Times in advertising sales, I dreamed up, which became a springboard into a career in fitness journalism, media, and content, and helped me land an editorial role with Men’s Fitness magazine in 2012.

In 2013, I was named executive digital director of Men’s Fitness and led the brand’s content team for the website and social media accounts. Under my leadership, web traffic grew from 3 million to 13.8 million while social media grew from 100K to 3 million. I’ve interviewed dozens of A-list celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Winston Duke, Norman Reedus, Nick Cannon, and more. During my tenure, I produced hundreds of workouts and workout-related articles and features with popular fitness influencers and other professionals across all disciplines of fitness. Today my work appears in outlets such as Men’s Journal, Muscle & Fitness, and Men’s Health. I’ve also been quoted as a nationally-accredited certified personal trainer and subject matter expert in Women’s Health and Women’s Running.

Post-journalism career, I joined NEOU, an on-demand workout content platform where I headed up editorial and social content.

I’m currently the co-founder of TORIAL Media and the acting head of training and performance for Spartan Race. In addition to helping corporate clients with their content strategy and production, I continue to produce for the humanfitproject brand, which has amassed a list of 10K newsletter subscribers, a combined social media following of 200K, and a blog with over 15K monthly unique users. I also give back through running weekly via Back on My Feet New York City.

Connect with me on Instagram and LinkedIn!

Meet Caitlin

After completing my master’s degree in journalism at The University of Westminster in London, I started my career at Women’s Health where the team was nominated for several ASME awards during my three-year tenure. I’ve also held in-house positions at Shape and Men’s Fitness and have written for print and digital publications including Cosmopolitan, Travel + Leisure, and Elle. Throughout my journalism career I’ve interviewed dozens of celebrities, including Kevin Hart and Kate Hudson, as well as numerous professional athletes and Olympians and hundreds of fitness experts and industry influencers. My network of trusted sources and insiders is now a carefully curated database.

My first foray into content marketing and strategy was as deputy editor of Equinox’s digital magazine, Furthermore, where I spearheaded partnerships with brands including American Express, Cole Haan, Asics, the Hawaiian Tourism Board, and Sleep Number.

After almost five years with Equinox, I co-founded TORIAL Media. I’m also currently the director of content strategy for Paceline, a fintech company in the fitness space. Meanwhile, I continue to write fitness features for Women’s Health on a regular basis in addition to managing special projects for the brand, including acting as fitness editor and overseeing digital branded content packages.

My lifestyle reflects my work in the health and fitness space: I’m an avid yogi, weight lifter, and was one of the first 1,000 people to complete the six World Marathon Majors (Boston, Tokyo, New York, Berlin, London, and Chicago). I also give back through running and writing weekly via Back on My Feet New York City and Minds Matter NYC, respectively.

I’d love to connect on Instagram or LinkedIn!

Meet Erin

My career officially began in the world of corporate finance, but a part of me always knew I was meant to work in a “wordier” arena. It’s the reason I majored in finance and English as an undergrad at the University of Notre Dame, the reason I got my master’s in communications at Northwestern University, and the reason I finally went all-in and obtained a Master of Science in Journalism from Northwestern Medill.

Growing up, I loved magazines—whenever I got to go on a trip, I was as excited to pick out reading material for the plane as I was for the actual vacation. (Needless to say, that passion persists today.) Meanwhile, gymnastics was my other great love, though I had short-lived careers in competitive swimming and pole vaulting, too. I learned the power of movement at a young age, though I’m not sure I could have articulated all of the ways it benefited my life.

When I got to college, naturally I wanted to keep participating in sports. Hopeless when it comes to things like pick-up soccer and volleyball, I tried out for cheerleading—and got cut after the first round. It was one of the best things to ever happen to me, because I was so discouraged that I decided to run a marathon. That first 26.2, and the process of getting there, would inspire many future fitness goals and my career.

Today, I write and edit fitness & wellness content every day as the managing editor of TORIAL and as a freelance journalist. I have the privilege of learning from esteemed experts and sharing their insights with you in many different ways—including each edition of FOURWORDS.

While you're waiting for our next issue, check out some of my bylines on or follow me on Instagram (@erinwarwood).

A word on… how you can reach us

Want to see what we’re up to every day? Follow us on Instagram (@wearetorialmedia and @humanfitproject). If you’re interested in hiring us, reach out through our website. We look FOURWORD to connecting with you.

DISCLAIMER: This content is for informational and entertainment purposes only. It’s not intended as medical advice. Consult your doctor before making any lifestyle changes.

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