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This Is Why You're Not Getting Press Coverage

We understand the frustration of not getting press coverage, even after trying everything.

We've been directors and editors of high traffic websites and am the publishers of our outlets. Here’s why brand’s don’t get covered:

😑 Free product isn’t enough: While it's common to send free samples in hopes of securing a review or mention, this tactic isn't enough to guarantee coverage. Most editors receive countless products for review, many of which never make it to publication.

😑 Multiple follow-up emails are annoying: Bombarding an editor with emails is likely to have the opposite effect than intended. What’s worse? Generic copy and paste pitches. Personalized, well-researched pitches are far more effective than mass email campaigns.

😑 Access to the boss isn't enough: Offering an exclusive interview with a high-ranking executive or celebrity endorsement can be tempting, but it's not a guaranteed ticket to coverage either. Unless there's a compelling story or a truly unique insight that aligns with the publication's audience, mere access doesn't make for a story.

📈 What Increases the Odds:

💡 Have a really interesting story: Products alone don't make stories – people, events, and unique angles do. To catch an editor's eye, weave your product or service into a larger narrative.

👬 Know what else the editor wants: Each publication and editor has their own specific needs and interests. Will your story drive traffic? Grow their social media? If you can show that you understand what the editor is looking for and provide that, your chances of securing coverage will increase dramatically.

🤝 Hire an editor: These are the people that know what other editors look for and want better than anyone else. For a stronger PR strategy, consider this.

There’s far more to securing coverage than having a great product or service and firing off aimless emails with a press release.


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