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What Editorial Pros Wish the C-Suite Understood

Written by Mike Simone, TORIAL co-founder

One of the most notable pivots in my career was the shift from editorial to marketing.

As an editor, my perspective was always honed on the reader: their needs, wants, concerns, and how I could serve them best. Transitioning to marketing, I was suddenly confronted with a different kind of pressure: the need to sell.

So what's the big takeaway from this transition? Editorial people are revenue generators, but in their own way.

Here's what I feel every editorial pro wishes the C-suite would understand:

👉 Details Make a Difference: Many operational processes, especially in the realm of content creation, are often more intricate and detailed than they may initially appear. Effective content production often involves multiple layers of strategy, creativity, and execution that demand time and expert handling.

👉 Good, Fast, and Cheap Isn’t Real. You can only have two. That’s the production triangle. Balancing high-quality output, cost-effectiveness, and swift execution is a complex juggling act that is underestimated.

👉 Soft Selling Is an Art: Overloading prospects or existing customers with promotional or sales messages will turn people off. Editorial teams excel at the soft sell, subtly integrating brand messaging into engaging narratives.

👉 Human Touch is Irreplaceable: Many AI tools are excellent for supporting the creative process (like brainstorming) and improving efficiencies (like automation), but the heart & soul of content comes from human writers and editors.

👉 Content is Multifaceted: Editorial people often wear many hats. But "content" is a broad term: it’s SEO, social media (copywriting, video, audio, strategy), podcasts, distribution, landing pages, promotional emails, editorial emails, and more. Not every editorial pro will be adept at all of them, or have the time to tackle it all.

More and more former editors and writers are driving in-house content for brands because they’re scrappy, expert storytellers that make a difference.


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